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I'm a joke.
Just letting everyone know I'm reopening commissions

All my info is through here, please notify me through weebly not DA

  • Eating: Goldfish Crakers
  • Drinking: Lots of Coffee
Name: Nero Kalbfleisch 
Ethnicity: German/Italian
Birth Date: March 28, 1983
Age: 34
Personality: Serious, Intolerant, Short-tempered 


Untitled by Sa-rawr1323

Cute lil trio by Sa-rawr1323

Father: Business man (suffers from Mental illness/ptsd from being in war)
Mother: Stay at home Mom/Works on weekends cleaning houses
Sister: (cute, happy, cheerful) 6 years younger than Nero


childhood(6 - 9): Lived a normal life with his family (mom, dad, & little sister)

adolescence(10 - 12): Around the age of 10 he starts to see more violence in his parents relationship (dad physically abusing mom) To the best of his abilities he tries to get his sister away from it (she's 4)

adolescence/teen(12): At the Age of 12 Nero comes home from school, finds his dad in the kitchen grabbing an assortment of knives and the blender. His dad goes on to tell Nero that his mom and sister are in the basement and are going to make smoothies. While walking into the basement he doesn't see his mom or sister, as he turns to his dad Nero get's knocked out with a baseball bat. 20 minutes later Nero recovers consciousness finding himself to be tied up to a chair at a table. His dad slams a tote onto the table to open it, Nero starts to scream in cry in fear. Nero stares at the disembodied 
corpses that were once his mother and sister. His dad laughing starts to cram body parts in the blender and goes on to tell Nero how much he hates how he reminds him of himself. His father takes the blended up concoction and tells 
Nero how he thinks of him as a mutt and how he should eat scraps as he pours the warm tainted smelling drink into his mouth. Immediately Nero vomits and starts crying, his dad laughingly says how hard his mom worked 
on the smoothie. His dad walks over to the counter and grabs a gun out of the drawer, Nero starts panicking and struggles trying to get out of the bind. His Dad stands over him in a scorning manner and tells him that
he will carry these burdens and puts the gun to his head and shoots himself. 
Nero finally was able to undo the ropes and ran to his neighbors house that night to call police.
Nero not having any family in Germany was sent to his aunt in a small country town in Russia.

Adolescence/teen(14): Nero's aunt finds herself not able to support Nero and for the best she takes him to an orphanage a couple cities away. Going into the orphanage didn't seem too bad while touring with his aunt, after his aunt leaves Nero gets taken to a different section of the building that seems more run down with smaller rooms, it almost seems as if
it's a mental hospital more than an orphanage.
After being there for a couple months Nero starts noticing shady things happening, (ex. kids being taken out of their rooms and brought back days later with bruises.) At first when the kids started
disappearing Nero thought it was because they were being adopted out, but instead other things were going on. 

Later that year he meets/befriends two kids named Razielle and Demitri.

[Razielle is 4 years younger than Nero]
[Demitrious is 5 years younger than Nero]

After talking with Razielle and Demi he finds out that Razielle was brought to the orphanage when he was 5 and Demi was brought to the orphanage when he was only 2.

Demi and Razielle go on to tell Nero about the monthly doctor visits and how they think it's more of a research lab than an orphanage. 
Demi states that he's being injected with something other than what they're telling him and how they always want him to run on the treadmill for a certain period of time, while
Razielle seems to always have some type of organ failure or something wrong with his eyes. 

Nero gets taken to the "doctor appointments" within the facility monthly to check his health.

A couple months later one of the school teachers in the facility tells the kids that certain children will be transferred to another "facility"
Upon reading the names Nero, Razielle, and Demi were some of the few that were listed. 
The next day they board the bus with a few other kids and are taken to a new facility.

While arriving Nero was separated from his friends and taken into a separate wing of the facility.
Walking down the hall they came to a small room with a man sitting at a desk, Nero was forced to sit down and the man came up to him and told him his number was 68 and that was how he was going to be referred by. The man goes to a cabinet to pull out a metal rod and some ink, while watching the man the other workers begin to restrain Nero.
The man goes on to tell Nero that it's more painful if he struggles and begins to tattoo bars with the number 68 onto his face and arms. 
He then was put into a room that was more of a cell that had cameras, a cot, and a toilet. Nero wasn't allowed to leave the room unless being escorted to the facility doctor visits. 
A week later one of the workers told Nero he was special and was allowed a friend. Nero was thinking he might be reunited with his friends he had met earlier that year.
A worker came into the room with a towel in their arms, as the worker placed the towel on the ground Nero noticed it was a small lamb. Within a couple weeks Nero 
and the lamb bonded and would play and sleep together. Over time Nero noticed when the workers would bring in the food for the lamb it was less and less and one day 
they just stopped bringing it. Nero demanded they bring food when they would bring him his meals but weren't compliant. Nero being upset and worried for the lamb started feeding it the vegetables from his meals. Not being able to eat the proper food the lamb was constantly sick, while the lamb would be
sick Nero would get depressed. Weeks go by and Nero starts to notice they're diminishing his food portions 
until it's nothing more than a small piece of meat. Angered when they send his tray that there is nothing for his lamb to eat he starts lashing out trying to grab the workers hands as they push the tray through the door. Nero is forced to watch the lambs health wither as he too is affected by the malnutrition. Nero wakes up one morning
to have found his lamb had passed in its sleep, the whole day he lay next to the lamb with the animals body covered in his blanket. The lamb was left in his room for 3 days before it started to decompose with the doctors hoping he 
would give in and eat it not having food the past 4 days. When the workers finally removed the lamb Nero attacked them out of anger, two weeks of not having food Nero was down to only 80 lbs.
A couple days later Nero was given a normal meal, which consisted of a small piece of meat and a vegetable. For the next 2 years they would test his limits with starvation. 

teen continued(17): At the age of 17 Nero has an uncontrollable hate for people after being closed in a small room and fed like an animal. He loathes the doctors for playing with his emotions and torturing poor animals by starvation. Since Nero had gotten to be too violent the workers have to sedate him and mask him to transport him to a different part of the facility.
After Nero Wakes up, he finds himself in a dimly lit room. The room itself is small with concrete walls and ceilings, a dim light bulb that is hung from the ceiling, and a sink and toilet.
He notices a square opening in the ceiling with light coming through, he walks up to it to see one of the doctors peering inside. Having such an intense form of hate for the doctor, Nero takes his mask and throws
it at the man. The doctor then goes to tell Nero that he will be of great use as a garbage disposal. After explaining the doctor closes the hatch to the ceiling leaving Nero angry and confused.

A couple days go by until the hatch opens again except instead of seeing a doctor he sees a small mass tumble in, not long after the hatch reseals. Not sure what it is he slowly goes up to it to see that it's a 
beaten little girl. Nero quickly notices she's still alive but cold to the touch with a broken leg, not sure when she'll regain consciousness he wraps her in his blanket. When the girl wakes up she notices the food in front of her not paying attention 
to her surrounding she starts to eat. Trying not to scare her Nero talks in a soft voice asking her what happened and how she ended up here. Scared at first she slowly start to explain that she was part of a bigger group of 10 kids and weren't being fed and a random food drop came in and everyone had rushed to it, as she was telling him with her being smallest and youngest kid (age 10) she had gotten trampled nearly to death. Not being able to move some of the workers came to pick her up and dropped her into a black hole which was Nero's room. 
Seeing the little girl consume a big portion of the food Nero tries to tell to try and ration it for her to eat later because that's the only food for this week.
Not knowing that that was all of his food she tries giving the rest back to him but seeing how tiny she is he has her keep it. 
4 days go by and Nero starts to worry knowing the workers should have sent something down by now. As Nero talks with the girl he starts to feel as if she were his little sister, but the second Nero realizes they're bonding he hit with the reality that this situation will more than likely end up like him and his lamb.
Realizing this the panic sets into Nero and he starts to seclude himself yet again. A week goes by as he watches the little girl starting to wither away just like the lamb.
As he's sleeping he hears her cry out for him, he stumbles to get up and hold her as he sees the life slip out from her eyes. She thanks him for taking care of her and acting like and older brother, before nero could say anything she let out her last breath almost as a sigh of relief. Able to bury her because of the dirt ground Nero mustered up the last of his strength to say his
final goodbyes. From that moment on Nero would loathe humanity.
A couple days go by and the hatch reopens to dispose of another human being, only this time Nero feels hunger and no remorse for the lives of others.
This is when he gets the nickname Skinner/Butcher.
  • Eating: Goldfish Crakers
  • Drinking: Lots of Coffee


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