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Hello everyone,
I will be opening up commissions for a while for some extra funds. Just note me if you have any questions!

Commission information~

▲ Accepting CAD, EUR, & USD as payment through Paypal

▲ When paying please pay as Goods and Services

▲ When ordering, copy and paste the order form and note it to me with the subject being 'Commission'

▲ Only accepting payment through paypal

Offering & Prices
Cell Shaded Chibis {OPEN}

Shy Lil Lamb by Sa-rawr1323Gift to my sister by Sa-rawr1323Lil Lamb by Sa-rawr1323

-Transparent backgrounds included
▲ Bust: $3

▲ Waist up: $6

▲ Knee Up: $10

▲ Full Body: $14

Cell Shading Anime Style{OPEN}

You're Not My Kind by Sa-rawr1323
Nero by Sa-rawr1323

-Transparent backgrounds included
Bust: $8

Waist up: $13

Knee Up: $18

Full Body: $24

***Attention*** If you have a cluttered/detailed character I will charge $1-$2 extra for details on top of normal price.

Order Form:
Username: __________
Paypal Email: _________
References: ________ (visual, description, pose, facial expression)
Type: ________ (Chibi, Anime) (bust, waist up, full body
Payment Total: ________

Waiting List:
♦Slot 1: otakueaterd - Full Body - Anime Style- (waiting on payment)
♦Slot 2:
♦Slot 3:

Progress Bars:
0% 0% Complete by SimplySilent (Haven't Started/Working on WIP)
25% 25% Complete by SimplySilent (Finished with WIP/Revising with Commissioner)
50% 50% Complete by SimplySilent (Altering)
75% 75% Complete by SimplySilent (Finalizing) 
100% 100% Complete! by SimplySilent (Completed)

***Other Info***
-Will do: both genders, original characters, fan art
-Won't do: mecha, clutter, full anthro, animals, character designs, armor 
-I will send a WIP (1x for sketch & 1x for lineart
Please note back if you would like any further changes with the art.
-Please no rushing (everyone's agendas are different)
-Please be aware that a single commission may take between 2 weeks to 1 month max.
-Artwork is for personal use only
-Make sure to save your artwork once received, you are responsible for saving the artwork to your computer. Uploaded Commissioned Artwork will very in length of time posted on my DA, it can either be deleted or saved over with more current artwork. 
-If uploading artwork to any other website please Credit Sa-rawr1323
JeanZedlav Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Quick question, would you offer lineart commissions?
Sa-rawr1323 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I'm actually working on some line art examples atm. Once I'm finished with them I'll put the info up.
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December 26, 2016


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